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Company: Design is Love is a “pay it forward” community of artists and designers who do good work for fellow artists, people in need and the community at large.

Needs: Design is Love runs quarterly design fund contests to give its members a chance to explore creativity and pay it forward. It’s fourth Design Fund offering theme was ‘outer space’.

Solution: The concept of Orbits of Scale relates to the size of orbital relationships from the tiniest particles all the way up to spiral galaxies, and perhaps beyond. My poster design was chosen unanimously by a voting jury to be sold through the web store. All proceeds go to fund future projects. Printing was white and silver metallic ink on black speckletone paper from French’s.

Results: Due to heightened interest in the design, the Design is Love store saw it’s largest one-day sale of merchandise to date. Additionally, the poster won a silver and judges award at the 2012 CADC Awards Show.

Orbits of Scale Poster Design Orbits of Scale Poster Design Orbits of Scale Poster Design

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